BECCA Holiday Collection Lights Up Ulta

Here’s what I know – It is reeeeeally easy to get bogged down by a makeup routine and even harder to break it using the same old products. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely loyal to my trusted brands but every time I get introduced to something new, it forces me to step out of my comfort zone and dive into experimentation mode. And I know that I’m not alone. Some of my biggest breakthroughs and AHA moments have come about this way. So naturally when a makeup company launches a new product, my ears perk up.

It just so happens that a little over a week ago I was invited to experience an ah-mazing line of products by a brand I’ve seen a million times but never actually tried, BECCA. I honestly can’t believe that it took me this long. Despite dozens of products that I currently own there’s still room for this awesomeness in my life. I sat down with Kerry Cole, the Style Director for BECCA to get to the bottom of what makes their cosmetics so special.

FW: Tell me about the BECCA Holiday Collection.

KC: It’s our Limited Edition Collection and it’s all about GOLD‘All that glitters is gold.’ And this is our One Perfecting Brush that we dipped the handle in gold, as well. It’s a perfect statement piece for your vanity.


FW: What do you use it for?

KC: This brush does it all. Imagine taking your bouquet of brushes – your blush brush, your powder brush, your foundation brush and putting them all into one perfecting brush. From start to finish; liquids, powders, creams, you name it. You can use this brush without having to clean it in between. That is because it is made out of cashmere. (Feels incredible against the skin. Do they make this in a full body version by any chance?)

FW: What enables you NOT to clean it each time?

KC: The high quality cashmere and goat hair combo allows the product to sit on top of the bristles and never soak down into them. So you don’t waste product because it is going directly onto your face. You can move seamlessly from product to product making it great for travel and for women on the go.



FW: Does it need to be covered?

KC: The goat hair and cashmere are naturally antimicrobial. It won’t breed any bacteria, which is great.

biana-demarco-becca-ulta-shimmering-skin-perfector-pressedFW: What is this beautiful product in the compact?

KC: That is our Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Gold. It is a highlighter and a sister product to our iconic shimming skin perfector in a pressed version. It’s a little bit different from your traditional powder highlighter because it’ infuses water in there, it goes on like a cream, sets as a powder and melts into your skin. (Where do you sign me up?)

FW: Crazy question, what do you apply this with?

KC: (Giggles) With the one perfecting brush, of course. (I should have seen this one coming) Hit the highlights of your face, your eyes, you can pat it over your lip gloss. But it truly melts into the skin without glitter, giving you a really sophisticated beautiful glow.


FW: How about this fancy trio?

KC: Here we have our Portable Skin Perfector in a Spotlights Kit. Our number one selling product is our Shimmering Skin Perfector and it’s always been available in a big tube. Now we’ve made it more portable and easy to use for targeted application. You get two shades and a limited edition champagne gold.

FW: Let’s talk skin tones. Does this work on all skin tones?

KC: Absolutely. It uses pearl. And if you think of a pearl and all the different shades that are in a pearl. That’s kind of what you skin undertone is. It’s taking the pearl particles and reflecting the light off of it.

FW: And what is this? This is the kind of stuff I’m drawn to for some reason.

KC: Yes. This is our Skin Perfecting Pressed in our #1 selling shade, which is opal. This just sort of melts into the skin.

FW: Also apply it with the one perfecting brush? Because I tend to use my fingers a lot.

KC: You can do that. Because it’s creamy, not a powder. Sometimes powders are harder to blend with fingers.

FW: So you can use this as an eyeshadow and a highlighter?

KC: Absolutely.


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot right then and there. Don’t let the pictures fool you, the lighting was less than forgiving. But we made it work.





Jeans: Frame, Booties: Rag & Bone Harrow Bootie, Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco Bracelet: Vega Cuff


The best part was getting to take all of these fun products home with me. I plan on doing a bit a traveling, so the One Perfecting Brush and the portable shimmers will be getting a lot of use in the upcoming weeks. Don’t forget it you do plan on these products they are only in stores until they sell out, so don’t wait too long.

Photography courtesy of the talented Mayra Rouback.