Our Marrymoon – One Wedding, 7 Countries, 12 Destinations

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day that marks love – both making it and celebrating it. And listen, I get it, who doesn’t enjoy flowers and chocolates, sexy lingerie and maybe some words of affirmation thrown into the mix? But my hubby and I have always been a little different. We don’t do things on designated days and we definitely don’t do them in ways of most. Just look at our rule-breaker of a wedding. While most women dream of wedding dresses and china, that’s never been me. So for our wedding, instead of a one day epic event, we milked the excitement into 7 weeks of around-the-world travel, and we did it alone. (If you don’t count the villagers that came out to help us celebrate in Bali). It was just him and me in places we wanted to check off our bucket list. But more on that in the video. Our celebration? We called it our marrymoon. I’ve waited long enough to share it and since it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling the love, I thought it would be a small way of letting you guys into our love story.

Created by Mackler Studios

I hope you enjoy it and Happy Valentine’s Day!