4 Ways To Reverse The Signs Of Aging

Long before Botox and fillers were a thing, there existed a concept called preventative skincare. Nowadays, many of us, myself included, are out to find the quickiest fix. It pretty much goes like this. If you’ve neglected to wear sunscreen… no problem, schedule a few laser sessions. Starting to get crows feet? Ah, a few injections will do. Before you know it, you no longer look like yourself.


(Taking one for the team. Not wearing a stitch of makeup.)

So, I set out to find an alternative solution. One that takes into consideration my daily routine and most importantly my age. Because as you may already know, all skin products are not created equal. What your complexion’s needs are in your 30’s is drastically different than in your 50’s. And it can all get a little overwhelming. To help you break through the clutter, here are 4 Ways To Reverse The Signs Of Aging that have worked for me.

Place: Jean-Claude Biguine in Bal Harbour

Find your happy place. Because it all starts with a great facial and a French accent. If your aesthetician has one, all the better. Because let’s face it, who knows more about beauty than the French?

From the start Jean-Claude Biguine had two things going for it, Anne Frederique, and her light touch and SimySkin – an anti aging line like no other. For a girl who’d been accustomed to an occasional sting from an acid peal this was not at all what I had expected. I just always assumed that beauty required sacrifice and pain. Au contraire, Anne’s magical hands sent me into a trance-like state…or maybe it was sleep. All I know is that when I opened my eyes, my face was literally glowing. It was pure perfection.

Products: SimySkin

So, what did she use on me that made me feel 10 years younger? I attribute it to the SimySkin Triple Advanced Serum Anti Aging Phase I 25-45which she applied to my face last and which I started using religiously since my facial. But who knows what other voodoo she performed on me while I caught up on my beauty rest.



She also sent me home with an anti aging gel cleanser, which I now use to prime my skin for the serum. What I love most about SimySkin, because as you know, I live for discovering new products, is that they are age specific or as they call it, targeted skincare. It’s a no brainer, you simply use the products indicated for your age group and wait to see the results from their powerful mix of ingredients.

Maintenance: Be consistant

Aging is inevitable and while this is true, there is no time like the present to take preventative care to help slow down the process. Find someone like Anne Frederique, if you don’t live in Miami and see her regularly. Use her knowledge by consulting with her about what is age appropriate for you. Most importantly, choose an aestitician that works with products that you feel comfortable using yourself.



(No, she doesn’t charge extra for a double chin.)

For example, for me, parabens and sulfates are a deal breaker. Another reason why I was happy to find SimySkin which doesn’t use these chemicals but does infuse many of their products with moringa oil for antioxidants, pomegranate extract to fight blemishes and herbs to control dryness. Their products are not 100 perfect natural, but with parabens and sulfates out of the equation, I am more likely to incorporate these skincare solutions on a daily basis.

Diet: Do not underestimate it

I recently read something that is so obvious yet so easy to forget. Everything that you eat becomes a building block for your cells. The delicate skin on your neck and face are no exception. Try remembering that next time you’re at Pinkberry and you’re faced with topping options. Go with the blueberries full of antioxidants instead of the cheesecake bites. And be sure to drink lots and lots of water. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

Taking control of how you age is one of the most important things you can do. Nourish yourself from inside and out. It doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you do.

Photography by the beautiful and talented Mayra Roubach.



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