Rocks off, Crystals on with Vega Jewelry

IMG_7288While most people only dream of becoming designers, Victoria Kray has been making it happen and quite successfully, if I may add. I caught up with this busy spiritualist/jewelry designer for a one-on-one about her career, her fabulous jewelry and the future of her ever expanding company.

Let me just say that before meeting Victoria and setting my eyes on her very special, which is the only way to describe it, line of jewelry called Vega, I wasn’t entirely convinced that crystals in jewelry were my thing. Of course, preconceived notions didn’t help.

In the p556706_10151101093816612_865029207_nast, when I thought of crystals in any wearable fashion, it conjured up images of talismans, amulets and dream catchers; none of which I would consider fashion forward, but then again I am no  jewelry designer. Victoria herself has admitted that working with crystals has the potential of bordering on “cheesy,” which is probably why her pieces are anything BUT.

Vega jewelry is actually quite spectacular, consisting of uniquely organic, yet remarkably modern handcrafted pieces. A “nature girl at heart,” Victoria works with all things beautiful selecting from just the right shades of stone, crystal, leather, and metal for an end result that compliments any style and a spectrum of attire. One day you can wear it to the beach and the next a cocktail party. It’s that versatile.

homeThere is also a serene nature to her work. When asked about what it takes to stay motivated as an artist, Victoria spoke of being “incredibly inspired by the ocean, and the forests of Maui,”  which is where she spent a big chunk of her life and where the idea for Vega Jewelry was born.

As far as the type of woman that she sees wearing her designs, Victoria admits that she has everyone from the laid-back hippie type to the Upper East Side mom donning her pieces. The quintessential Vega woman is “pretty f*ing liberated,” says Victoria.  “She’s in the flow and is a force to be reckoned with.”

Well, the way I see it, Vega Jewelry is the force to be reckoned with. With necklaces meant to be layered and cuffs meant to be stacked, soon her designs will be available at a boutique near you. For the trend setters who don’t wish to wait, you can shop on her website. And because so many of you have expressed interest in her pieces, she is offering a promotion just for my readers. Use the code “WHIPPED” at checkout and receive 10% off plus FREE GROUND SHIPPING. Still can’t get enough? Check out some of Vega’s other jewelry staples:


PS You can now buy the Vega Cuff at…Free People