A Fashionista’s Guide To Packing Smart

For those of you who HATE packing, here’s a silver lining – choosing what to bring on a trip is a foolproof way to vet out your closet. You end up taking all the must-haves while leaving behind what you’d otherwise be willing to lose in a fire. Plus, nothing forces you to reassess your life choices like the preliminary stages of packing. You find yourself asking, “Did I work out enough?” “Do I use enough organic products?” “Why don’t I have a “fat” drawer?” and “Which perfume am I committing to for the next two weeks of my life?”


Surprisingly I work well under this kind of pressure. Or so I tell myself at midnight, the night before an early flight when it’s just me and my empty suitcase. Having already raided the local pharmacy for things like blister block, an emergency sewing kit and an economy sized box of band-aids, I calm myself down by the knowledge that I can buy anything I may be leaving behind. And then I wonder, do other women go through the same process? So, to help you avoid this sort of fate, I’ve put together a list of things I wouldn’t want to lose in a fire:

1. Eberjey Lingerie – I never understood women who sleep in their sweats and a tee. Shouldn’t your sleepwear say as much about you as your daywear? So, first thing’s first, pack your favorite intimates. My go-to pieces happen to all be from Eberjey. I can’t resist their subtle flirty prints, the lace detail and their feminine silhouettes. If you haven’t felt how soft their fabrics are, you’re totally missing out. It’s probably the one thing my boyfriend and I agree on; I find Eberjey super comfy and he loves how their designs hug my curves in just the right places. When it’s time to pack, I like to bring options. A ruffle teddy for one night, a few bralets and shorts to mix and match and a short robe to use as a quick coverup.





Wearing the cliff+b ‘Rose Quartz Lip Necklace.’eberjey-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blogger


2. Becca One Perfecting Brush – You know it’s a travel staple when you find yourself concerned that not enough women are aware of its existence. I blogged about the Becca One Perfecting Brush before, but I’m just not sure if you guys understand how life-changing and special this little tool is. Aside from my shadow brushes, this is the ONLY brush I bring on my travels. I use it to apply bronzer, pat in blush and even put on touches of liquid highlighter. Each product goes on smoothly without having to clean the brush in between uses. It’s a genius tool that saves time and space.

3. Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler – I may be the only woman left on this planet who hasn’t tried eyelash extensions, and I am okay with it. But when you’re relying on mother nature alone, the right tools are key. All I have to say is, ladies, this eyelash curler will change your life!




4. Coola EVERYTHING – Whether you’re traveling to a warm destination or planning a ski trip. You’ll need sun protection. A short while ago I interviewed the founder of Coola and I haven’t been able to get enough of their products ever since. From their silky ‘Liplux’ – Sport Lip Treatment SPF 15, which I use daily to their newest product, the ‘Classic Face’ Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 which is perfect for photoshoots on hot afternoons. There is never a part of my body that doesn’t have some Coola product on it.


5. Rituals Waterproof Mascara – You never know when you’ll be taking pictures in the water. Waterfalls, swimming and rain are always a possibility when you’re on the road. What I discovered is that Rituals mascara makes the best formula. It not only stays put, but holds the curl in your eyelashes. The color is intensely rich and all RITUALS makeup contains natural minerals enriched with a blend of powdered gemstones. Fancy! Plus, it contains no perfumes or parabens which is huge! 



6. Regine Chevallier Hat – Never underestimate the power of a great hat. It can take an average outfit and breathe life into it. More of a reason to love Regine Chevallier’s creations. Besides having SPF in them, her hats are wrinkle free and so easy pack.



6. Ipanema Sandals – Last but not least are my prized Ipanema Sandals which saved me from blisters and fashion faux pas a like. This is one summer shoe that goes with any outfit and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. I’ve gotten all of my girlfriends into them and short of shouting it from the rooftops I am here to tell you that YOU gotta get a pair.


I hope these tips make your next trip a breeze to pack for. Bon voyage!




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