Warrior Walk of Shame

Anyone that attended the Big Data Combine last Friday at SET in my home town of Miami would tell you that it was a great success. On a personal level my victory came in a form of fashion. I was the creative mastermind behind the halftime show at the event. In a room full of mostly men, my job was to create a jaw-dropping fashion show that would incorporate Warrior men’s sports apparel and make it look, well, feminine and hot. I called it, the Warrior Walk of Shame for obvious and maybe not so obvious reasons.

It was two months in the making. From selecting just the right models, to choosing the perfect hair and makeup and let’s not forget the styling of each individual look; it was definitely an arduous process. But it was well worth it. And if you’re wondering how I pulled together 30 looks from an all men’s clothing line, check it out for yourself.

Photos by Mayra Roubach

Video by Super International