The Rest of My Swim Week Shenanigans

Swim Week has come and gone like a swift summer storm leaving the city of Miami in its usual semi-dormant stupor. The good news is that you and I still have some reliving to do – of my whirlwind ‘week’end that is. It’s like Anaïs Nin once said, “we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” If I didn’t know better, I would say she was talking about blogging.

Looking back at my Swim Week shenanigans, there was a real ebb and flow of excitement in the air. The days started out strong, made possible by large quantities of Panther Coffee and ended with a plunging plop on the couch from pure exhaustion. All the ambition in the world couldn’t drag me to all the after parties I so optimistically RSVP’ed to. But that’s not what Swim Week is all about. It’s about discovery and connecting. Although my biggest discovery this year was that I was getting a little old.

Saturday afternoon I attended the ASOS Miami Swim Lounge at Soho Beach House. For a website that I love to frequent, it was great to be able to touch and feel their latest trends. I was happy to see an array of blossoming florals, both in clothing and accessories. Nothing says summer like tropical print espadrilles and backpacks. This event is always so intimate but really packs a punch. As you can tell from the pictures, I had a blast.


Mara Hoffman‘s collections seem to always be inspired by her travels. Which is one of the biggest reasons I’m such a fan. She is an artist at heart and a rock star on the catwalk. This year she celebrated her 10th anniversary with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Which is an accomplishment in itself! Guatemala was her muse for the 2015 collection and it was pure perfection! The tribal motif she’s so famous for, carried seamlessly through all her designs coupled with novel shapes and fresh print combinations. mara hoffmanHer rainbow fringe coverups were everything! Being a little underwhelmed by dresses lately, I was so happy to see so many pant options. As far as her immense influence over beauty trends; last year braided pom poms dominated her runway and were a huge hit on the Swim Week hair circuit. This year Mara Hoffman continued the braid trend by incorporating a single palm leaf with an otherwise messy do. Thanks to Miami’s humidity, you need very little to achieve this look, just braid the bottom of your hair and incorporate your favorite dangling accessory. I totally see this effortless style popping up in beach towns around the world.swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffmanswim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-4swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-hair-trend swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-3swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-2swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-mara-hoffman-1

lolli – Just letting the name lolli roll off your tongue a few times can be a source of endless fun, now imagine a collection that embodies the same kind of carefree spirit. What you missed if you didn’t attend the show were barefoot models, acting like their fun-loving selves, strutting the runway in irresistibly yummy swimwear (or lack their of). Every one of them radiating a child-like happiness, because as any woman that owns one of Vy Nguyen’s pieces knows, her love-me bikinis make us giggle like little girls. There no substitute for cute when cute is what you’re after. And so there were pom poms and lots of bows, fruity delights and sherbert color bottoms. If you weren’t part of the lolli cult before, you will be in 2015.

swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-lolli-soho-houseswim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-2 swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarcoswim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco

Acacia – Yes, please! This collection featured some seriously sexy animal and tribal print pieces. My favorite being the overall jumpsuit. What I’ve always loved about Acacia is how their swimsuits make us feel both sexy & young at the same time. Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons know how to design unforgettable suits, just look at their sophisticated color blocking and intricate mesh inlays. They were a showstopper on the runway, now imagine the effect they’ll have on the beach!swim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1swim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-2 swim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-3 swim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-4 swim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarcoswim-week-acacia-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco

Caffè – To me this show was all about coverups. Some of the most sumptuous stunning coversups you have ever seen. From the beaches of Miami to a yacht in St. Tropez, this line has all the swimwear essentials you will ever need.  swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-2 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-3 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-4swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-5swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-6 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-7 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-8 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-9 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-10swim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1 swim-week-caffe-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarcoswim-week-asos-soho-beach-house-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-1

CIA.Maritima – If what they say is true and life is a jungle, I want CIA.Maritima to dress me! Their absolutely gorgeous floral kaftans were the highlight of my evening. With silhouettes so enchanting that femininity literally oozed out of them, I can see how their flowey designs can make any woman feel like a goddess.

swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritimaswim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritimaswim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-5swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-6swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-4 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-2 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritimaswim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-7swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-1swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-8 swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima-9swim-week-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco-cia.maritima

Photography by Cliff Comfort

I hope you enjoyed my recap. I have one more show that I wanted to share with you. It was so badass that I could not leave it out. Please stay tuned for that….