Maison & Objet Paris

From love professing gifts to the highlights of my Paris trip, there’s so much ground to cover this week. It goes without saying that Paris was a blast. The idea of going there in dead of winter may not have sounded appealing, but I assure you it was well worth it. The anticipation of visiting Maison & Objet coupled with the chance to wear my coveted sweater collection, made the trip that much sweeter. Well, that and all the chocolate macorons I managed to eat. (Maison & Objet is to furnishings what Fashion Week is to clothes, with its sights set on Miami in 2015). As you can imagine there was no shortage of worldly ingenuity there.

I drank in just about as much inspiration from this single event as I did from all the glasses of Bordeaux I enjoyed over the course of my trip. Call me a romantic but I find creativity incredibly intoxicating. What I saw, felt and discovered at Maison & Objet left an impression that can only be described as euphoric. As a writer and stylist, Paris has always revved up my creative juices and this trip was no exception. From attending the swanky Baccarat cocktail soirée, to a lazy stroll down rue Saint-Honoré, to simply enjoying the nuances of Parisian life; everything is more enjoyable in Paris, even the rain and the 46 degree weather. Paris’s overwhelming beauty is an intrinsic part of its charm and since words can only describe so much, I wanted to share my visual journey of Maison & Objet in Paris with you.

Forecast: Pink everything….