This is Major, Peter Pilotto is coming to Target

While many of you will be glued to your TV’s watching the Olympics on February 9th, I will be staking out the nearest Target for what can only be called the best designer collaboration to date. Peter Pilotto is bringing his over-the-top, innovative prints and there are dozens of them, to Target and I am so there. Checking out the Lookbook, I failed to see a piece that I DIDN’T need to have. Well, I’m sure you can’t wait to check out it out for yourselves. And don’t fret if store shopping in not for you, the full collection will be available online and in part on Net-a-Porter.

Peter-Pilotto-Target Peter-Pilotto-Target-2 Peter-Pilotto-Target-1 Peter-Pilotto-Target-8Peter-Pilotto-Target-4 Peter-Pilotto-Target-5   Peter-Pilotto-Target-7Peter-Pilotto-Target-6Peter-Pilotto-Target-10 Peter-Pilotto-Target-9  Peter-Pilotto-Target-11 Peter-Pilotto-Target-14Peter-Pilotto-Target-13Peter-Pilotto-Target-12   Peter-Pilotto-Target-16 Peter-Pilotto-Target-15 Peter-Pilotto-Target-17 Peter-Pilotto-Target-18 Peter-Pilotto-Target-19 Peter-Pilotto-Target-19 Peter-Pilotto-Target-20Peter-Pilotto-Target-23 Peter-Pilotto-Target-22Peter-Pilotto-Target-21   -Peter-Pilotto-Target-24 Peter-Pilotto-Target-25