He was a Sk8er Boi…I said wait, I WANT YOUR SHOES!

I have searched high and low for the shoe trend of the summer. And I don’t mean the usual stiletto vs. stacked heel dilemma. Since footwear’s latest evolution involved comfort, I figured that the transition from the wedge sneaker to the newest it shoe should be just as natural.

Welcome to the proverbial Skate Park, hope you brought your kicks. And I don’t mean your old Vans or Skechers. Although, I have to hand it to Vans for jumping into a highly successful collaboration with Kenzo just in time to kick off this trend.

No, the newest shoe to join your fashion repertoire is a high-end, over-the-top skater sneaker made from the most luxurious of materials and just begging to be slipped on. It is the perfect marriage between high fashion and comfort and when you see it you won’t want to live without a pair. But this trend comes at a price and even though your feet will ultimately thank you, the new addition might leave your wallet a little less full.


christian_louboutin_baskets_802820976_north_883xChristian Louboutin




Jimmy Choo






Vans + Kenzo


Tory Burch

In case you didn’t catch the reference from the title, here’s this post’s musical inspiration. As far as the shoes go, let the skater shoe be the sartorial inspiration for your next outfit: