Get the Skinny on Ties With SkinnyFatTies

hermes-tieI may be partial when it comes to the look of a modern man but I go crazy for a guy in a skinny tie. It’s sleek and it’s slimming and makes me forget the old fashioned ties my father used to wear. But since thick ties did have their heyday, many guys are stuck with these fashion artifacts hanging in their closets still hoping that the tides will turn and the thick look will come back. Well, those guys can wait.

What if I told you that there is a company that miraculously transforms your old fat ties in to their skinny modern counterparts? This is not only genius but also very economical and what woman doesn’t like a practical man.


This is perfect for the guy who still loves the fabric and pattern of the ties he has but is over their size. How this is done is quite simple. You send in your old tie, specify the desired width and SkinnyFatTies will make you a new one for just $3o. And if you’re wondering how they turn out, just fab. My boyfriend has literally transformed all of his old ties into “skinnies”. Now if they could just come up with a service like this for us girls. Maybe someone to crop our old jeans into shorts. Just a thought…






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