Dr. Brandt – The Purveyor of Youth

Let me just say that Art Basel has nothing on Dr. Brandt. A lover of all things beautiful his patients are his ultimate works of art. Whether it is from the comfort of their own homes using his revolutionary products or through his highly customizable treatments, everything this doctor touches is in the name of prolonging youth and enhancing beauty. And by the look of his celebrity clients like Demi Moore and Linda Evangelista just to name a few, there something to be said about Dr. Brandt’s success rate – he’s a genius at what he does!

At an event made possible by my favorite curator of beauty products, Birchbox; my first impression of the celebrity dermatologist’s headquarters was pure zen. There was an inviting feeling so often missing from state-of-the art doctor offices. The reason being is that there’s nothing short of magic being preformed there. Complete with a fully staffed research facility and every injectable and laser device you can imagine: whether it’s the first signs of aging you are trying to conceal or lifelong acne scars, there’s something for everyone here.

But as excited as I was to check out the many skin treatments he offered, I was eager to sit down with Dr. Brandt himself and ask the questions my readers sent in.

FW: I know that your specialty is in bottling treatments that are usually done in an office for people to use at home. I am a fan your Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant, I just love it. How long do you give your products to see if they are working for you and when do you say, I need to come in and see the doctor?

DB: It depends on the product. With microdermabrasion, if you use it once a week for a month you should be able to see results. With the ruby laser technology kit and anything with retinoids, you should give about 3 months. You may go through a period where you’re shedding a little skin, so 3 months is a good mark.

FW: And is that something you can’t go out in the sun after? For those of us living in Florida…

DB: You can go out in the sun. You don’t want to apply the treatment and go beach and bake. But if you wear sunscreen and are doing normal activities you are okay. After about 6 months on a retinoid you become less sensitive to the sun.

FW: How long should you give the crease release wrinkle relaxer to see results?

DB: You should see immediate effects of that. It relaxes the wrinkles and expression lines by relaxing the muscles, so you should see results right away. In a week or so you should know if it’s good for you.

FW: What kind of a skin regiment would you recommend for someone in their 20’s, 30’s and onward?

DB: I think that in the 20’s it’s all about preservation. You want to use a good sunscreen every day and an anitoxidant every morning. At night it’s great to start using retinol. Then when you get into your 30’s you want to do the same thing but you want to get a separate eye cream with a peptide or retinol to help the eye skin and you want to give yourself a little more moisture, a little more hydration. Past your 30’s you want to be more aggressive, your cell turnover rate slows down, so you want to exfoliate a little bit more and use a more sophisticated product like our DNA line which works on the nucleus of the cells and helps with lines, wrinkles and sagginess.

FW: For people that live here and are worried about sun, is there something that we can use that will either reverse or slow down the sun damage?

DB: To stop sun damage you want to use antioxidants and sunblock.

FW: What kind of sunblock?

DB: At least an SPF 30 every day. I like Neutrogena, they have a sunscreen for every skin type and any occasion.

FW: How about laser treatments, do you recommend people getting that to reverse sun damage?

DB: Well, it depends on your skin. If you are Latin or you have dark skin you don’t need laser for sun damage. If you spend a lot of time in the sun laser can help remove sun spots, broken capillaries and even out lines and wrinkles, so it really depends on NOT your chronological age but your biological age.

Afterwards I received a personalized consultation from Dr. Brandt and got a private tour of the medical facility/art gallery that Dr. Brandt calls his office. I wanted to share with you the products that Dr. Brandt recommended for me which I have been using since and to let you know what I think of them.


XYY dual fusion water, antioxidant-packed make-up remover & cleansing water for face & eyes: I use it in the morning and at night. It is super gentle and removes any makeup I may still have on my skin.

BB Matte With Signature Shinerase SPF 30: I use it every morning before leaving the house to moisturize and protect my face against the sun. *I got the light to medium but I wish I had gotten the medium to dark since my face is tan

 	 poreno-more pore-refiner-primer
Pores no more, pore refiner: I love this product, it gets rid of shine from your moisturizer before you apply makeup and literally diminishes pores. I use magnifying mirror  when I get ready and I know that this stuff works.
DNA transforming pearl serum: Now this is the best one that he recommended. Not only does it looks really beautiful, the science behind it is insane. Each pump breaks a pearl within a pearl and by the time you get this serum on your fingers it literally glides onto your skin like silk. I love the way it feels on, I haven’t used it long enough to notice drastic changes but this product works on the cellular level to firm, lift, diminish wrinkles and revitalize. The bottle is made of glass which is so much better plastic in my opinion.I put this on once at night and once int the AM. I love it!
DNA-triple-peptide-eye-cream-reviewDNA triple peptide eye cream: This stuff is pretty potent, I use it before I go to be every night and when I wake up I just look better. I cannot explain it. I didn’t have a beauty regiment before but adding eye cream to my nightly routine has make a noticeable difference.
I hope all of this helps you get the youthful and healthy appearance that you are looking for. Thank you Birchbox, Dr. Brandt and his entire staff for putting together an informative and fun night!


All of the photos were taken by the talented Mayra Roubach