Fendi For A Cause

I’ll be the first to admit it, I have fallen off the Fendi wagon in recent years. I have not purchased one of their purses since maybe the days of Sex and The City. Shoes yes, but bags, they just haven’t spoken to me. But then this happened and I have to say, it made me look at Fendi in a whole new light. In their latest collaborations of sorts Fendi partnered up with iconic women with household names like Adele, Cara Davaningne, Gweneth Paltrow and Zara Hadid just to name a few and had them create their own version of the classic Peekaboo Fendi tote, calling it The Peekaboo Project (how cute).

Working closely with Silvia Venturini Fendi herself (according to Harpers Bazaaar), these beauties are being auctioned off as we speak and the proceeds all go to a British children’s charity to help abused kids. The auction also marks the opening of Fendi’s first London flagship. Now this is the kind of fashion I can get behind. So check out these one-of-a-kind bags and tell me, which is your fav!

Mine is Adele’s.



Farfetch.com (US)