Sweatshirts with a twist

Sweatshirts are no longer just for gym goers and jocks. They are the newest way to express your personal style. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, you might find yourself contemplating a purchase of an Oprah face one.

Since these tops speak for themselves, I’ll only say this: don’t get anything that looks like a grey sweatshirt that you might have previously owned because this trend is for the daring. And wearing one couldn’t be easier. Pair it with some leggings, a mini skirt, leather shorts or ripped jeans. As far as the look itself, anything goes, but the actual sweatshirt has to be absolutely outrageous and over-the-top.


Faith Connexion, $334oprah_sweatshirt_041913-400x470

Beloved – $59WM081D-89-1AllSaints, $135

10440779_2228061_1000Guns Germs $teal, $215

10439529_2256921_1000Stine Goya, $166

Here’s the hard part, deciding which one is soooo you.



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