Lululemon who?

Taking a yoga class the other day got me to thinking. I don’t normally boycott companies, so the whole lululemon see through pants/touching of the thighs scandal went right over my head. But during savasana as I looked around at all the lululemon stamped spandex, a thought occurred to me; yogis have gotten hey-girl-yoga-pantsprogressively more lazy (fashionably speaking). And the crazy part is that I am one of them.

The cult-like following that lululemon has enjoyed has reached such epic proportions that as a byproduct we have forked over our sartorial freedom of expression. Lululemon has made it so easy to justify purchases that we’ve been conditioned to buy something every time a new color debuted and that’s like every other day. All the while being blissfully unaware that we’re heading into a trap. The tradeoff being our compromise of personal style. When did we stop expressing our personal style inside of workout studios and started to care about the number lululemon logos our outfits revealed?

Well, this is a new year and I say we take back what was rightfully ours and make a conscious choice to trade in our sweatbox “uniforms” for new self-reflecting threads to perspire in. This is by no means a conspiracy against lululemon, but it IS 2014 and it’s time we stretch our possibilities for new workout attire to squeeze into and I’m thinking prints, prints, and more prints!


Onzie – Meteor Shower Low Rise Leggings, $65


Liquido – Bow Crop Horizon Pastel, $43


teeki – Northern Lights Hot Pants, $66

Nike Pro-Hyperwarm Dot-Print Dri-FIT Leggings

Nike – Dot-Print Leggings, $55

 Clouds Yoga Hot Pant Teeki

teeki – Clouds Yoga Hot Pant, $70


H&M Sports Tights, $25