Get Organized In Style With A Sherrieblossom ICEbOX

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year, after getting into ridiculously good shape, of course, was to get more organized. I love it when everything is in its place but with a drawer full of beauty products and my coveted ipsy subscription contributing to an accumulation of makeup, makeup and more makeup – this drawer has seen better days. So you can imagine my excitement last week when I received a special package from Sherrieblossom


Sherrie must have had me in mind when she designed the ICEbOX – an exquisite acrylic makeup station and a work of art all in one. It’s truly the only makeup organizer you’ll ever need. When you see how beautifully made it is, you won’t want to wait a single second to display it. The only way to describe it, (since even my best attempts at photographing it haven’t done it justice), is that it looks like a carved out piece of diamond. It’s brilliant, really. I’ve come to find out that there’s a very good reason for that.


Each ICEbOX is custom made by hand in Cali, with a special material called Lucite which is unlike any other plastic organizer you’ll see out there. After over 400 individual steps that it takes to create this masterpiece, it is finished with a diamond polisher (using real diamonds, duh), to create the magical effect of a sparkling diamond! The end result is nothing short of flawless. The lines become nearly invisible, creating an illusion that all of your beautifully curated products are floating in the air.


I am not one for celebrity endorsements, since I have to try things out for myself, but Lisa Hochstein from the Real Housewives of Miami swears by it and the Golden Globes ordered the Little London, which is the ICEbOX that I have, for all of their guests. 

lisa hochstein-sherrieblossom

To help YOU add a little sparkle to your counter or even add the perfect display for your jewelry, Sherrie is giving away 3 FREE inserts, valued at $45 to all of my followers. Just add 3 inserts to your cart with a purchase of an ICEbOX WIDE and ICEbOX SKINNY and use Promo Code: FWHIPPED. After entering the code, the entire organizer will be hooked up with 3 inserts that already come with and 3 that you’ll get for free. Just remember, at checkout your total will be adjusted. This offer is good Monday 1/12 – Sunday 1/18.  So enjoy!

Here are some more photos of the ICEbOX:












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