Fashion Geometry – Resort 2015

And here you thought that the Birkenstock comeback was the one you had to watch out for. What if I told you that in order to keep up with the latest trend, you had to polish up on your geometry? There’s no escaping it, this fashion trend is making the grade with a lot of the 2015 resort lines. Color contrasting and blocking, stripes and angles are all being featured by major fashion labels from Prabal Gurung to Dior to Fendi; which only means that Zara’s hours away and you’ll be seeing it all over the streets come the summer. So get ready and start stocking up.

Prabal Gurung-resort-2015-miami-fashion-blog-biana-deamarco

Prabal Gurung Resort 2015

dior-resort-2015-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blog dior-resort-2015-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blog dior-resort-2015-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blog dior-resort-2015-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blog

Dior Resort 2015


Fendi Resort 2015


Mugler Resort 2015

But before you start buying up everything in sight, here’s a rule of thumb:

Trends should never trump styles that flatter you. When it comes to fashion geometry, always go for color blocked pieces that mask your bigger assets and accentuate your smaller ones. Whether it’s by design or by creating an illusion, opt for a waist that appears smaller and elongate your legs. This trend can go either way depending on your fashion choices. It sounds easy enough but when you see something on a blogger or in an ad and get obsessed with it, it is shocking how easily these rules get thrown out the window.

This ultra modern style also has a loose fit, it can be masculine and boxy, so do mix your new pieces from this season with softer more feminine ones. Because unless you are a 5’11 stick figure, these angles can work against you. If you still  love the loose fit, don’t be afraid to show off some skin. Pick up a pair of short shorts or a skirt to offset the garment’s lack of shape. What you don’t want to do is look like you’re hiding behind the fabric. Now that you’ve got the basics down, check out what all the rage is all about!


Dress: tibi, $216, Shoes: Saint Laurent ‘Jane’ Sandals, $1,308, Polish: FingerPaints, $8.99, Lipstick: Lancôme, $30, Earrings: Fallon Pave Wings, $200color-blocking-biana-demarco-miami-fashion-blog

Top: Sandro, $275, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, $354, Earring: Dior, Bag: Chanel


Dress: Candy Coated, $88, Shoes: Chloé, $495, Ring: Alexis Bittar, $295, Hat: Let’s Cruise Boater, $30, Bag: Valentino, $1,995

So is this a trend you’re daring enough to try or will you be playing it safe this summer? As for me, I am all over it!



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