How to Ensure That Your Valentine’s Day Does Not Suck

Every year guys seem to get more flustered when February 14th rolls around. I actually don’t know what they dread more, Valentine’s or Tax Day. But here’s the thing, women view this as a completely commercialized holiday, too. I don’t mean to speak for all women but while we may not want to entirely conform to societal norms, we view this day as an opportunity to give and receive the intangible feeling of being special to another human being (cats are out of the question).


What that takes is different for everyone but for many of us, it simply means being listened to. Women have a tendency to drop hints about the things they secretly like. Of course, some are more overt than others. I also don’t mean to suggest that we’ll be asking for big things like a car or an expensive piece of jewelry (some exclusions may apply); I’m talking about something as simple as a new iPhone case or a pair of pumps to go with our latest outfit. The guys that pay attention to those things don’t need help in the gift giving department. For the rest of you, here are some cute gift ideas that might just keep you out of the dog house this year.


It doesn’t have to be La Perla, Kiki Montparnasse or Agent Provocateur, but there should be some thought behind your selections. Be it her favorite print or her lucky color, you’ll be scoring big points by surprising her with a beautiful piece of lingerie. Plus, it’s a win/win because you’ll be seeing it on the floor later.

 Fleur Bra For Love & LemonsFleur Bra For Love & Lemons, $74

Hanky Panky Valentine's Day 3 Low Rise Thongs

Hanky Panky Valentine’s Day 3 Low Rise Thongs, $54

Cute Accessories

Do not underestimate the power of cute. If you present her with something that she has been eying but hasn’t purchased yet, you’ll be taking on the role of the knight in shining armor (the kind that pays attention). Talk about brownie points!

 Mary Green  Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask

Mary Green Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask, $26

mostchino-bunny-iphone-caseMOSCHINO Rabbit iPhone case, $55

Latest Beyonce album on iTunes

If you can’t serenade her, at least try getting her her favorite tunes. She won’t be expecting it and the gesture will go a long way.


BEYONCÉ – Beyoncé

Makeup Forever

There was makeup before you and there will be makeup after you (if you don’t play your cards right). Either way, since you are an unlikely source of such a gift, she will be extatic.


Dior Lip & Nail Palette, $55

Shoe Splurge

I don’t have to tell you that a way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and a way to a woman’s is through shoes. So, in the spirit of this holiday, pick up a pair of red pumps for her. Even if it’s an exchange in the making she’ll always think of you when she wears them.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 Spiked Patent Leather Pumps

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 Spiked Patent Leather Pumps, $1,295

Jewelry That Screams “I love U”

Jewelry with a message tops my list of gifts this year. Whether it’s a necklace that says LOVE or a ring that says OUI, don’t go for the cliché heart pendant. Get her something that says, I know what you reeeeeally want! (other than you, of course)

DELFINA DELETTREZ 18kt Gold Double Ring with Ruby Lips and Band

DELFINA DELETTREZ, 18kt Gold Double Ring with Ruby Lips and Band, $3,525

Note from the Editor: Here are 2 important Valentine’s Day tips. #1, Unless she has explicitly told you that roses were her favorite flowers, create your own bouquet; one that symbolizes who SHE is. This might mean working with orchids and hydrangeas, but the uncharted territory you find yourself in will make her reaction that much sweeter.

No woman ever wants to feel generic. So here’s tip #2, If you opt to go the confection route, visit a local chocolatier (Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine is a great one), or a cupcakery (Sweet Times Cupcakes & Coffee is amazing) or macaronerie (Laduree) and hand pick some of her favorites. Getting a box of chocolates from Godiva is for woman what watching your favorite team from the nosebleeds must feel like for men. The thought is there but the experience is less than desirable.

Well, now that you have the basics, I hope your Valentine’s Day turns out to be Ah-mazing!

Biana (US)