Jared Leto and Tom Brady like you’ve never seen them before

I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall for just one of Terry Richardson’s photo shoots. His subjects are always so at ease, it begs the question: What the heck goes on over there? The truth is, the famous photographer is pretty forthcoming about all the behind the scenes stuff. In his diary he often posts the photos that end up on this site.

But the man known best for his super relaxed shots of the world’s most beautiful women has developed a real knack for winners. From football championships to the Golden Globes, his recent sessions feature none other than Tom Brady and Jared Leto. Two men who are not only easy on the eyes but are winners in their own right. With Leto taking home the much-deserved Golden Globe last night (go see Dallas Buyers Club if you haven’t already) and Tom well on his way to the Super Bowl (well if Peyton doesn’t get one over on him, that is). In any case, Terry Richardson has the power to make even the most sport and cinema illiterate start paying attention.