Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Wish You Were Getting Married, Like Today!

For all my fellow sisters who got married years ago, I have bad news for you; wedding dresses have gotten prettier…way prettier. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but with fashion taking on the ‘anything goes’ attitude, the bridal market is not far behind. And with many of us getting married later in life, which also means footing the bill; weddings have become the day of self-expression rather than a long overdue family reunion.

No longer are girls wearing white strapless uniforms with their parents telling them what music to play and what chargers to use. Color has become acceptable and the styles have expanded to include the boho bride and the nontraditional bride who wants to wear prints. This post come in the wake of my engagement so this is very fresh on my mind. I feel so liberated to be a bride this day and age. Here are some gorgeous gowns modeled by none other than Olivia Palermo whose style I adore. Can you see yourself in any of these?


olivia-palermo-elie-saabElie Saab

olivia-palermo-Monique-LhuillierMonique Lhuillier



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