Shopoholics beware, Hukkster is here

This morning amidst a slew of junk mail, I received a bit of exciting news. No, I hadn’t won a shopping spree or my jacket turn up at the lost and found. But it was an unexpected and a much appreciated tug at my sartorial nostalgia nonetheless. A shirt that I had once fallen madly in love with but couldn’t justify spending a small fortune on had just gone on sale and was available in my size.

8130967_fpxTruth be told, I had forgotten all about this shirt but the email suddenly turned my day around. So what’s this ingenious service that kept tabs on my shirt even when I was too busy to? It’s called Hukkster. The Winklevoss twins, yes the ones from the Social Network movie, invested in this startup and I personally think that it has the power to revolutionize the way we shop. Well, at least the way that I shop.

We all crave the instant gratification that comes with buying something new, but if the price isn’t right we often have to walk away. Until now! Now when you shop and see something you cannot live without, you simply find it on the internet, “hukk it” (like you would tag a photo to Pinterest), specify your size and go on with your busy schedule. As soon as this item goes on sale, but more importantly in your size, you will be notified through email.


This is great for people like me who hate to sort through sales racks but love a good bargain. Of course, your size doesn’t stay available for long so you do have to take some action, but the rest of the work is done for you. This totally beats finding something awesome on sale that is no longer available in your size. I’m so psyched about this that I just had to share. So, what will you be hukking?