Tennis Outfits Inspired By Roland Garros 2014

It’s no secret to those that personally know me that I have gotten into tennis in recent years. When I say gotten into, I’m talking playing, watching on TV (the only sport I will tolerate) and attending tournaments when I can. Although there is no place I would rather be right now than in Paris, I’ve opted to watch the French Open from the comfort of my home in sunny Miami (I know, that also doesn’t suck).

I must say, the outfits that the female players are wearing are really stinkin’ cute. I already love this sport and seeing fashion play such a big role, well with endorsement deals and everything, inspires me to play and dress better. Trust me, this doesn’t make me any less competitive, just multifaceted. So, here are some of my favorite photos from my tennis years and the outfits from Roland Garros 2014 that I am crushing on:

My Love Of Tennis – The key to attending the Sony Open is having a mani to match:



Playing Tennis – Yes, I mean business with that pink racquet: 


Roland Garros 2014/French Open Outfit Inspiration – Add them to my wish list, please:Maria-Sherapova-Roland_Garros-2014





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