Tamara Mellon’s Smokin’ Karlie Kloss Video

Who is Tamara Mellon you ask? She’s only the former Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of the little known company, Jimmy Choo. To hype up her very first sultry solo line, Tamara partnered up with Karlie Kloss, you may have heard of her, too. Karlie’s first stab at acting under the direction of Rie Rasmussen is pure genius with a title that fits the bill: “High Heels and Sharp Knives.” There’s sex, legs, blood, legs, a twist ending…have I mentioned legs? Well, you’ll see for yourself soon enough.

The only question remains, will these ‘Sweet Revenge’ leather leggings boots worn by Karlie in the video (a pant-shoe hybrid selling for a cool $2K) be making your short list? Don’t think too long, they’re sold out in virtually every size.