See Who’s Been Gulping From The Fountain Of Youth

One thing that we can all agree on is that aging is inevitable. In the grand scheme of things, getting older is a privilege not granted to many, so we should just be thankful for being able to complain about our wrinkles and sagging skin. But since it is not an even playing field out there…need I remind you that men seem to  grow into a look of sophistication that only comes with age. Case in point, my boyfriend. I’d like to point out the unfairness of it all.

Cliff-Comfort-tbtFor women, youth is something that we cherish and later mourn. But if there was ever any hope for holding on to our girlish looks it’s by watching others master it so well. Take a look at some of your favorite starlets and see who’s been gulping from the fountain of youth.

heidi-klum-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco Christy-Turlington-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco cindy-crawford-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco kate-moss-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco kerry-washington-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco angelina-jolie-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco kate-winslet-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco uma-thurman-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco naomi-campbell-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco robin-wright-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco sandra-bullock-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco naomi-watts-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco julia-roberts-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco halle-berry-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco gwyneth-paltrow-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco jennifer-aniston-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco charlize-theron-doesnt-age-miami-fashion-blogger-biana-demarco

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire.


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