SAG Awards 2015 Fashion Roundup

Tonight had some usual suspects as far as expected trends went but also some new looks that were truly refreshing. Here’s my roundup of the hottest gowns from the 21st Annual SAG Awards. It never gets old seeing starlets get styled and all dolled up. Even if some of the colors were reminiscent of years past, the styles seen this year were quite enjoyable. Except for the worst dressed, of course, but I’ll leave that for last.

The Sartorial Crisscross will make you want to shop, shop. Who doesn’t love this interesting twist on things. Structured yet classy, this was my favorite trend of the night.

crosscross fashion sag awards 2015

Jewel Tones are always a big hit at award shows but the sheer variety of color this SAG Awards made it for a very interesting red carpet.

jewel tone gowns sag awards 2015

White on the red carpet is nothing new, but this time around the actresses reveled in the brightness of the hue. No one looked washed out but instead exuded a natural glow that was a pleasure to see.

white on the red carpet sag awards 2015

The Ethereal Goddesses look was a popular one on the red carpet tonight. These gowns were feminine with an understated quality which drew the eye right in.

ethereal dresses sag awards 2015

Ladylike menswear is another trend worth mentioning. I loved how playful and classy the A-listers styled seemingly masculine sillouhettes.

women in menswear at the SAG Awards

Red is always a top choice for the carpet and tonight was no exception.

red on the red carpet sag awards 2015

Two-tone gowns though not the easiest to pull off, were a big hit with the ladies. The key here is to ensure that the right color falls on the right part of your body. One thing’s for sure, it was a pretty popular choice.

two-tone dresses sag awards 2015

Drums please….Here Are This Evening’s Best Dressed Picks.

best dressed sag awards 2015

Saving the worst for last, these starlets missed the mark entirely, in my opinion. But hey, there’s always anther award show.

worst dressed sag awards 2015

Which gowns were your favorite? Share in the comments.