NFL Inspired Jewelry

I’ve been told that I don’t know jack about football. But while that may be true, how do u explain my telepathy when it came to designing jewelry that matched to practically every NFL team out there?  Guys, listen up, women know way more than we let on. And women, why sacrifice your Sundays for football and empty calories when shopping is a much better use of your time, and better for the economy.

Maybe I’m not the girl that will watch football with you, but I show support in my own ways. You think it’s a cuicidence the I’ve been ‘sporting’ my Green Agate and White Moonstone ‘French Kisses’ on the days the Eagles are playing? Just call it MY team apparel. Football may be your sport of choice, guys, but mine is and always has been, shopping. If you’re a fan or football and jewelry or just want to see more NFL and cliff+b mishmash, scroll down. If you happen to fall in love with any of the necklaces I don’t blame you. Shop without guilt, all Cliff+b Jewelry is 25% off with promo code: FF2016 until this Friday.


Green Agate ‘French Kiss’ and White Moonstone ‘French Kiss’


Citrine ‘French Kiss’ and Black Onyx ‘French Kiss’


Orange Chalcedony ‘French Kiss’ and Black Onyx ‘French Kiss’broncos

Lapis ‘French Kiss’ and Orange Chalcedony ‘French Kiss’browns

Orange Chalcedony ‘French Kiss’ and Smokey Quartz ‘French Kiss’cowboys

Lapis ‘French Kiss’ and Rutilated Quartz ‘French Kiss’cubs

Lapis ‘French Kiss’ and Orange Chalcedony ‘French Kiss’

Turquoise ‘French Kiss’ and Orange Chalcedony ‘French Kiss’raidersRutilated Quartz ‘French Kiss’ and Black Onyx ‘French Kiss’
giants-2Lapis ‘French Kiss’ and Red Ruby ‘French Kiss’partners

Turquoise ‘French Kiss’ and Black Onyx ‘French Kiss’patriots

Lapis ‘French Kiss’ and Red Ruby ‘French Kiss’picmonkey-collage

Amethyst ‘French Kiss’ and Citrine ‘French Kiss’