Inside Coco Chanel

Taking inspiration from Coco herself, this post is of all things, a practice in minimalism. I’ve compiled a number of videos that have intimately captured Coco Chanel’s life work and achievements. They are breathtakingly inspirational. Each film so beautifully crafted to pay homage to the icon herself. The takeaway being that life truly offers us no limits should we choose to take chances and embrace the world, giving the world in return what we hold within ourselves, the purest and the most personal of things, our creativity. Enjoy…..

Inside Coco Chanel- The Early Years

Inside Coco Chanel – The Diamond

Inside Coco Chanel – The Later Years

Inside Coco Chanel – Perfume

Inside Coco Chanel – The Jacket

“Once Upon a Time” by Karl Lagerfeld (Starting with the hat and ending with unimagined possibilities that only Coco could inspire)