Fabulous Fashionistas

You’ve heard of the old adage, “age is only a number.” Well, here are 6 absolutely fantabulous ladies who are living proof that this is the case. Seasoned fashionistas, these are 6 very different women with 6 distinctly different wardrobes. What they do share is a zeal for life and a burning desire to express themselves.

age is but a number

For them, it always has been and always will be about individual style and attitude. With a mean age of 80, the Fabulous Fashionistas can teach us all a thing or two about personal style, fearlessness and a positive approach to life. Don’t misunderstand, these women own their age and do not waste time obsessing about reversing the clock. As one Fabulous Fashionista puts it, “how I look is about my identity and the fun of it, it’s not about looking younger.”

The documentary made about them is touching and inspiring. Watch it and see your own perspective on aging gracefully transform. These remarkable women are real and I just love that about them. There’s a Fabulous Fashionista in all of us, the key is to not let her fade with time….fabulous fashionistas

fabulous fashionistas 3



fabulous fashionistas2


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