Confessions Of A Pink-Aholic

I realize that my obsession with the color PINK runs deeper than just a sartorial appreciation. I’ll be the first to admit that I am physically drawn to all things PINK, without discrimination. I’ll even persuade myself to buy something; creating a physical need for it, if the object in question is the perfect hue.


Is this normal or even healthy? I’m not sure. But as far as quirks go this one is mine and I revel in it. In a world where I am strong and unemotional most of the time, this is my form of catharsis, a freeing of my inner child and an expression of my femininity.

As I approach my 34th birthday, I realize that I will no sooner be giving up my affinity for PINK than I am chocolate or other life’s necessities. And precisely because it is my birthday, I wanted to share with the world all of the things that the color PINK has made more beautiful to me. So sit back, enjoy the visual journey and thank you for reading my blog!

Now, can you guess what color I will be wearing to my birthday party?



Vix Paula Hermanny