Applying Makeup While Driving Can Be Deadly

We get bombarded with PSA’s these days which serve their purpose or at the very least raise awareness about issues that effect the masses. From not smoking to not texting and driving, these candid commercials usually hit the message home. Well, now there is a new target audience. You can guess who that is since it talks about the dangers of applying makeup while driving. I can’t say that I’m guilty of it myself since I’m a pretty bad driver as it is, but I have definitely seen it done.

applying-makeup-while-driving-killsThe car manufacturer behind it is KIA and their latest PSA campaign equates lipstick to bullets and mascara to dynamite. I would say that this is going a bit overboard but I may be biased as a woman. Do you agree or do you think that we need this in-your-face approach to stop us from fixing our hair at stop signs and keeping us from reaching for our MAC lip glosses in traffic? I’m curious to know.

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