Agent Provocateur Sultry 2013 Fall/Winter Campaign

Lights on or lights off? Do you enjoy getting dolled up in lingerie or is it an effort meant more for your guy? See how you stack up against other women when it comes to lingerie habits. Oh, and do check out this awesome Agent Provocateur Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign Video.

Lights off vs. Lights on Quiz

1. Do you prefer to get lingerie as a gift or shop for it yourself?

No one knows my body like me, so I prefer to pick it out
I love getting lingerie as a gift, so romantic
Lingerie? I sleep in a tank and boy shorts2. Your favorite place to buy lingerie is
Kiki Montparnasse

Victoria’s Secret

Agent Provocateur

3. Who makes your favorite bottoms?
Hanky Panky

Victoria’s Secret


4. Lingerie is the perfect gift for which holiday?
Valentine’s Day



5. Do you prefer to wear a bra or go au naturel?
I can’t leave my house without the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder

No bra needed

I need all the help I can get, sports bra for me

How about this for a little bedroom inspiration from Agent Provocateur: