2015 Oscar Fashion Recap

For the record, when I tune into the red carpet coverage before each and every award show, I have every intention of falling in love with all of the looks. Sure, I have higher expectations of certain celebs than others. Who doesn’t? There are some stars who rarely disappoint. But overall I feel confident that I’m a fair and impartial critic. Tonight was slightly different for me. I felt that some actresses who I expected to go for an edgy look went feminine and starlets whose style I’ve grown to covet, fell incredibly short. So let’s cut the chase. Here’s my complete breakdown of tonight’s Oscar trends, topped off with my BEST and WORST dressed picks.

Let’s start with the unforgettable plunging necklines. Everyone in this category looked amaze, but Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lopez really nailed it.

plunging necklines at the oscars 2015

There was also quite a bit of white + red sprinkled throughout the red carpet. Some pulled off the pale hue beautifully, while others looked washed out or worse yet, the silhouette didn’t work for their body type. The way I see it, a couture gown is only as beautiful as the person wearing it. Otherwise it is just a work of art. What it comes down to isn’t just about picking the perfect dress, one has to take into consideration the subject’s personal style, skin tone and hair color. Only then does it all work together.

white at the oscars

Call it 50 Shades of Red but this color really stood out tonight, even against a bright red carpet. It was pretty tough choosing a favorite, but if I had to pick two, I would go with Dakota Johnson in a single strap Saint Laurent and Rosamund Pike in perfected fitted Givenchy.

red on the red carpet oscars 2015

The one trend that never gets old on the red carpet is the dreamy etherial nude. During the 2015 Oscars, this color, or lack there of was worn by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer, who hasn’t been entirely on her a-game the last few award shows, was a total show stopper.

dreamy nudes oscars 2015

Now let’s talk about the BIG beauty trend of the night the bright & bold berry lip. Ladies, if you haven’t tried it, yet. Now is your chance. There is a color that works with every skin tone. You just have to get out of your comfort zone.

bold lips at the oscars 2015

bold lip oscars 2015 beauty trend

The accessory trend that stole the show were the Statement Necklaces that said it all. This is a fun one to try at home. You may not be donning the Bvlgaris of the world, but gorgeous statement necklaces are available everywhere these days. Take note of how the starlets styled them and try this trend out on your own.

statement necklaces oscars 2015

The boys did not disappoint at tonight’s Oscars. Looking red hot, the men killed it with their colored tuxes. Navy being a number one pick of the night and Common being the best dressed man of the night.

men of the oscars 2015Couples be coupling. A huge trend tonight was brining along one’s significant other. Here are the cutest couples of the night.

couples at 2015 oscarsSometimes the difference between being Best dressed and Worst dressed is a matter of choosing a hue that suits one’s skin tone best or about picking the right accessories vs. the wrong ones. The following Oscar attendees missed the mark, even if only by a little bit. The following is the issue I had with my three less evident picks.

Lupita’s dress was very ornate and pretty up close but it did nothing for her. It was too heavy and not delicate enough around the neck and was overall forgettable. Anna Kendrick’s Thakoon gown was a lovely coral color but it reminded me or a prom dress and with her ability to choose from any gown in the world to end up looking like she is going to a school dance is just unacceptable. Now, Emma Stone who always, and I mean always looks ravishing picked a gown that did not work with her coloring. It washed her out in a major way. One would think that green and red would work together but this particular green did work as well as say an emerald green would have. I love Emma and I love Elie Saab even more, but this ensemble didn’t work for me.

worst dressed oscars 2015

The Best Dressed are not always the usual suspects. This year, I fell in love with Rosamund Pike’s gorgeous Givenchy dress and I was truly blown away by Felicity Jones’s Alexander McQueen ball gown. I also applaud Sienna Miller for paying homage to the late Oscar de la Renta by wearing a uniquely detailed black number designed by his successor Peter Copping.

best dress-oscars-2015

With all this being said, it is undeniable how talented every person that I spoke about is. In that regard I am in total awe of them. But as far as getting dressed goes and in choosing what one gets dressed in, that is a choice and that is up for interpretation. This post is simply my interpretation. I would love to hear who your favorites of the night were.